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Many of you know the history of the Inner Light Foundation and how it was founded by Betty Bethards. For newcomers, you'll be interested to know more about this nonprofit, spiritual organization, now run by Charles Rubin, Betty's husband, and a number of other dedicated volunteers such as Barbara Cohn and Marygale Beyer.

Betty, who left us in 2002, was a renowned mystic who not only shared her gifts, but lived by them. She was an author, lecturer, teacher, and someone known as the "Common Sense Guru."

Her teachings came with one proviso; That people would regard her merely as a teacher and not a crutch, and that they would take her teachings and run with them. Her mission was that everyone be their own guru.

As such, she was a teacher of teachers and over the years, an inspiration for thousands of people all over the world. She even inspired well-known spiritual leaders in India who asked her how she knew what she knew. If you google Betty, you will see for yourself, how her teachings have had, and continue to have a profound influence on others.

Betty's energy, charisma, and sense of humor were huge. She would stand on a stage and literally ignite each person in the audience so that they thought they were flying. Hence, Betty's theme line: Come to a Betty Bethards event. Fly home! People still fly through Betty's books and tapes. Her "The Dream Book: Symbols for Self Understanding" is an international bestseller. Her "Seven Steps to Developing Your Intuitive Powers" is widely used by spiritual groups around the world.

And as we like to say at the Inner Light Foundation: Betty Bethards gave us all so much, And still does!


We get lots of calls and emails from people asking how Betty handled the idea of leaving this planet. Well, as the author of "There is No Death," she was extremely comfortable with the prospect.

Betty had had a death experience in her early 30s and saw that death was a man-made concept and that, in fact, we never die, but simply and euphorically return home to some real estate Betty referred to as "The Other Side."

So when Betty neared her end on the earth plane, she commented that she was excited about her new adventure.

But she didn't just go merrily on her way and forget us. Many people have reported feeling her around them. On the sixth anniversary of her so-called death, the ILF phone was ringing off the hook with people saying they knew she was in their midst. And the amazing thing is that quite a few didn't even know it was the sixth anniversary.

Charles, Betty's husband has had lots of contact with Betty, mainly through dreams, but also in just knowing that she is present so much of the day--especially when he is loading the dishwasher. He can almost hear her say: "That dish doesn't go there, and you can't lump all the knives and forks together like that..."


It's hard to believe Betty will have been "out of the office" since 2002. But in many ways, Betty still runs the organization. Everything is still done the way she did it--all procedures are "Betty" approved.

And for people wanting to contact Betty, all they have to do is close their eyes and picture Betty there. You can discuss anything, ask anything you like. You'll always get an answer.

Today, the Inner Light Foundation offers all of Betty's books and tapes.

Additionally, Charles is, as was Betty, a channel, and he offers a combination of numerology and channeling (more about that further on).

The Inner Light Foundation continues through these efforts and will shine on as long as Charlie is around. Here's what the Inner Light Foundation has to offer.


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